[tagline title=”Gunmanager is a professional firearms & accessories database!” link=”http://gunmanager.com/?page_id=230″ button=”Try it for free!”]Easy to use with a clean design, Gunmanager offers a lot of features for the collector, shooter, and business owner.[/tagline]

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GUNMANAGER at a glance:

  • Complete firearms management
  • Easy to use interface
  • Keep track of buying and selling your firearms
  • Excel export for all data – unlimited report abilities
  • Keep track and save time with all shooting related transactions and activities
  • Manage your target practice shootings
  • Manage your ammo stock and reloading recipes
  • Add pictures/documents of guns and targets
  • Everything is stored in one single OFFLINE database file – pics, documents etc.

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Download and try the free version of Gunmanager now!

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[icon size=”small” name=”icon-quote”]     Gunmanager is very easy to use. I entered all my firearms into the program and like playing around
with all the lists, reports, pictures – I am very impressed so far.
David, ND


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This section offers a complete management of purchases, collecting, upgrading, selling, accessories for and repairs of your firearms. You can also add pictures, documents (owner’s manual, manufacturer brochure) and copies of your sales receipts.[/column]
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Address management

Keeping track of dealers, buyers, gun clubs, shooting centers or just your special place outside the city where you like to go for plinking – the address manager allows the user to store information about all gun related transactions and activities.[/column]

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Accessories manager

This drag and drop tool can be used to add an accessory to a specific firearm or select all the firearms a specific accessory would fit on.[/column]
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You can manage purchases, upload pictures, datasheets, and PDF documents for your firearm accessories. The program offers unlimited sort options with a simple drag and drop to organize columns.[/column]

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Target Practice

Either you are plinking in the woods, shooting at a range or in a tournament, GUNMANGER helps you keep track of all your shootings. You can add and manage locations, clubs, membership fees, elevation, weather, ammo count, targets and scores. Define your targets to compare your shootings. You can also easily import your target pictures into the program and store those together with your shootings.[/column]
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Keep track of your available ammo. This tool offers detailed reports for example rounds per caliber you’ve used, the average cost of ammo and ammo used per timeframe. It can also provide you with a report of the number of rounds still available for each firearm or from a specific caliber/brand you own. You can also make your own ammo classifications – you could differentiate plinking ammo from SHTF ammo by simply adding those categories to your available ammo.[/column]